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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Queen Mary, in my opinion, goes above and beyond to support and attract potential students from a wide range of backgrounds. I say this because I know of many students who have been supported by the bursaries that are offered to provide financial aid to students from poorer households. Additionally, outreach appears effective as a large number of students are the first of their family to attend university. I am one of these students and feel very welcomed by the university."
"Our uni has the largest Islamic society in the UK and we've recently dedicated one of the largest rooms on campus to Friday prayers. Queen Mary is a very international campus and you'll meet people from every continent."
"Queen Mary has the highest diversity rate in the UK as there are people from many countries across the world. This is also reflected in the number of cultural and religious societies that are available."
"There's no group for women in STEM (for undergrads) and not enough support for students with other responsibilities such as family care or work."
"The support could be improved but the attraction is decent."
"It does. There are people from over 200 different nationalities studying here and the numbers speak for themselves."
"QMUL incorporates everyone from a range of different backgrounds. It is diverse and works effectively."
"I think it could do more to support students from low income backgrounds to encourage them that living in London is affordable."


"Yes, they are quite culturally accommodating."
"I believe that QMUL is the most international university in the UK. For example, we had 11 nationalities in our basketball society of 12 people. It's the same with class since most people come from around the world."
"There are many international students and the university also helps students from low income families."
"More than enough I'd say, it's extremely multicultural."
"There are a huge number of foreign students as a result of the many study abroad programmes. Students come from all different ethnic backgrounds and there is a really inclusive environment."
"Definitely, there are people from all backgrounds."
"There are no kosher meals available on campus and we have classes on Friday afternoons that I can't attend due to religious observance."
"It does very well in this area."
"QMUL is in the top 10 in the world for diversity. We have more than 100 nationalities on our campus."

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