Queen Mary University of London


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Some rooms don't have heating so you can be in cold rooms for two hours or more. The quality of food inside the university is bad so you have to go out to get food. Some buildings don't look or smell nice as they are old and cheap looking."
"The food on campus isn't great and the library could be maintained better. The student service centre could be more efficiently run as well."
"It's hard to find accommodation in the halls as they fill up too quickly."
"There's not enough focus on the students' union and its activities. Maybe more events could be hosted for different societies."
"The high cost of living and the unaffordability of studying at QM."
"I would say study spaces are an issue. I feel like a lot of students use them to chat and have fun, which is okay for a break but not the whole day. The other terrible thing is the housing support, I have never come across a more unreliable service."
"The area isn't the safest in London and our equipment seems to be lagging behind."
"There's too much noise in the computer lab. The gym isn't well equipped and the software used to watch lecture recordings is poor."
"Being in London is very expensive and the university experience is different to everywhere outside of London."


"It can take a long time to get our marked work back."
"It's very busy and overcrowded. Shops are a bit overpriced."
"The library is always busy so students can hardly ever find space to study. Lecturers don't engage with their students enough."
"There's not always enough exam support."
"We get a lot of work and it can be difficult to manage a lot of things at the same time."
"We don't have a 24 hour library."
"There's a lack of societies and communal areas."
"Life can be expensive here."
"The pastoral team haven't been great. Whenever I have asked the student support officer a question, I haven't received a helpful answer, which is frustrating. The university is not very organised."
"The area my halls are situated in is not very nice."

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