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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The cost of renting locally is insanely high and it's regularly difficult to find a spot in the library."
"The fact that most of our modules take place in classes of 150+ mean you do not get to know all of your classmates and you do not get enough individual attention from the lecturers."
"We don't have the best facilities (library, lecture theatres, classrooms) and not a lot of contact hours. It's not the most organised university in terms of administration and events."
"We have a badly run students' union that organises no social events. Feedback on work can be slow and poor at times and our learning was affected by recent strikes. The food on campus is also pretty expensive."
"It usually takes a long time for lecturers and supervisors to reply to emails and marking is not always clear. The library is always packed and there are not enough spaces for everyone."
"Finding accommodation can be quite difficult and expensive, particularly for second years."
"There's not a large sense of community and there's rarely any computer availability at the library, which also needs more study areas. Some buildings are a bit outdated too."
"The course can be intense at times and some academics do not offer coursework-related feedback on time."


"It can take a long time to get our marked work back."
"It's very busy and overcrowded. Shops are a bit overpriced."
"The library is always busy so students can hardly ever find space to study. Lecturers don't engage with their students enough."
"There's not always enough exam support."
"We get a lot of work and it can be difficult to manage a lot of things at the same time."
"We don't have a 24 hour library."
"There's a lack of societies and communal areas."
"Life can be expensive here."
"The pastoral team haven't been great. Whenever I have asked the student support officer a question, I haven't received a helpful answer, which is frustrating. The university is not very organised."
"The area my halls are situated in is not very nice."

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