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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The social environment is very friendly and everyone is really nice to you. Qmotion is the gym that we have at Queen Mary, which is amazing. I like the fact that there is a women's only gym so girls are comfortable. There are also unique sports clubs such as fencing and cheerleading, which not many universities have. Sport is considered a male dominated area but, here at Queen Mary, we have equal opportunities for everyone."
"The social environment is friendly. Societies are amazing and include the Queen Mary pro bono society and Queen Mary law society. There is lots of mooting happening over the year. The sports clubs are well run and the cheerleading group is always winning awards."
"QMUL has a vast selection of societies and clubs to choose from. Every society is active and arranges for meetings and group activities. Whether you'd like to join an academic society or one about Harry Potter, you're spoilt for choice."
"All societies lack funding, particularly sport. There are next to no sporting facilities on campus and teams are required to pay for, and travel to, other facilities."
"We have a very good gym, though it could be cheaper. We have decent societies and clubs covering many interests."
"There are lots of sports activities and it's very easy to join. You can find lots of information on the QMUL website."
"There are many different societies including one for every kind of sport and likely one for any hobby you could think of. This creates a very sociable environment and really brings the campus together."
"Queen Mary has an active students' union with hundreds of clubs and societies for students to get involved in. There is a gym and a sports hall on site. The campus environment is the perfect place to feel involved and helps to encourage a sense of inclusivity. It is a lovely place to come for study or social activities."
"There are plenty of societies and clubs to engage with, sports facilities are not bad either."
"I would definitely recommend joining a sports team as there are many and it's such a great way to meet people. Even if you are not that sporty, there are other societies and groups you can join such as rock climbing, film club, baking, hiking, snow sports, whatever you want. Outside of the uni there are tonnes of volunteering activities that look great on your CV. I joined CoachBright, which only takes up an hour a week and allows you to coach in your subject of choice and meet some great people too."


"There are tons of sports and societies."
"Societies are great with lots of variety."
"There is a society for everyone, from games and Harry Potter lovers to sports. There is also the GetActive organisation that organises sport every day for recreational purposes. There are very friendly people in societies."
"The social environment is good but not great but the sports clubs are very good. The nightlife on campus is also good but it's GREAT in London."
"There are many extracurricular activities to get involved in and it can help with making friends."
"There are loads of sports clubs to join as well as a gym and exercise classes. There are a lot of societies but maybe not enough variety (there's no cocktail society for example). The social environment is great but more expensive on average than most other locations."
"The law societies organise a great variety of events and workshops. The students' union take cares of diversity representation and volunteering opportunities. Overall, QMUL has a very solid basis for a social environment."
"It could have had more activities so that more people could be involved."
"The university offers a cheap gym and it's the only campus uni in London."
"They're very well promoted, have a good atmosphere and endeavour for professionalism."

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