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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"I'm on a year-in-industry programme so the support from my department of chemistry has been amazing. They have always been encouraging me to apply to things. The careers services are very busy and always full, which goes to show how popular they are. The careers service does do CV checks and interview appointments as well as holding career events such as in technology, postgraduates, PhD, science, law and business management etc."
"I have received a lot of useful information from the careers appointments that I have been to. I know that there are sometimes fairs where employers come to speak to students. I have also been part of QMentoring and have been mentored by a Queen Mary alumni, which has been a fantastic experience and I have benefited a lot from it."
"The careers service is good but hard to get a hold of. Nice advice is available and they help you out a lot if you give them your CV."
"Even before the course commences, the careers services may plan activities such as career webinars to fully equip us for when we are studying full time. They also have one-to-one sessions that really help us in planning ahead. Internships and work placements are also provided and they differ from degree to degree."
"The careers service is quite average and could work towards helping students gain more internships because many students need them but are not able to get the experience they want. More careers fairs and on-campus interviews with employers would be beneficial."
"They helped to update my CV, which was very useful in finding me a part-time job. They regularly tweet vacancies both on and off campus, which I believe is very good."
"The general careers department can be very helpful. They offer one-to-one interview sessions to understand students' needs and advise them accordingly. My school (The School of Engineering and Materials Science) has its own careers department with a couple of specialised individuals who offer weekly careers sessions with advice. They regularly post on the careers forum indicating any placement openings and they highly encourage students to undertake industrial placements. They do have some links with individuals in industry and so can facilitate finding work experience."
"You get a careers lecture every week in your first year, which can actually be really helpful. We do have access to a careers support team, the careers support may very depending on your area of study but it will be there if you look for it. The only disappointing thing for me was the lack of careers fairs. You don't get much of an opportunity to mix with businesses and learn about their business area so you should definitely go if one of these does come up."
"I've not had much support. Some mid-level companies come to careers fairs, but not many big ones."


"The careers service is well-established but quite muted as the only contact they have with students is via email."
"On campus recruitment tells us that QMUL students are sought after because of how independent the studies are."
"I got my first part-time job from the careers and advice department."
"I've had a great experience with the careers advisors at Queen Mary including CV help and letting me participate in the careers taster scheme."
"The careers service was very helpful with CV reviewing and mock interviews but I didn't get much from the alumni network."
"The careers department isn't great when it comes to science advice and services after university in my personal experience."
"My university organises many career fairs, both general and also specific to degrees. Professionals have come in and discussed their jobs and how they got them. We have also had access to professional CVs."
"Our careers centre is extremely well-prepared to handle all of the numerous requests law students approach them with. Very satisfied."
"There are many career fairs that are specific to certain schools so I can't attend them. They can help you on specific paths but aren't as good at general advice, a career advisor once told me to come back when I've decided on what job I want to do."
"There should have been more internship opportunities and guidance for applying. We're in an ideal location for them to help with internships in the City."

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