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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service is well organised and helpful. There are many workshops, drop in sessions and careers fairs. I have so far seen work experience opportunities being advertised for media and advertising, law, banking, arts and drama among others."
"The careers team helps a lot, from providing guidance on CVs to helping us to find jobs and there are alumni meets every week."
"The careers service is very good. Employers come in to give talks and industry-specific events are organised weekly."
"The careers service does a lot, especially for people from low income and diverse backgrounds. There are practice interviews, careers taster schemes, paid consulting schemes, charity work and internships as well as CV and cover letter workshops."
"There is a law fair every year and you get to meet some of the biggest and most reputable firms in the world. The careers service also organises seminars and talk panels and sends out a weekly newsletter. We also have a direct link with Reed Smith that could land you a placement opportunity."
"The careers service is very good for finance-related careers but it needs to showcase a range of different careers one can go into with a maths degree. The careers service does frequently email us with internships and work experience opportunities. I had the chance to participate in a one-month teaching internship, which was fantastic as I'm going into teaching."
"There's a module built into my degree for career success and we have many events at which we can talk to employers such as fairs and lectures with big names including Bloomberg and Barclays."
"The careers service is extremely good so you can go to them for help with your CV and cover letter and they can help finding jobs and internships. Plus, you can access their support for two years after graduation."


"The careers service is well-established but quite muted as the only contact they have with students is via email."
"On campus recruitment tells us that QMUL students are sought after because of how independent the studies are."
"I got my first part-time job from the careers and advice department."
"I've had a great experience with the careers advisors at Queen Mary including CV help and letting me participate in the careers taster scheme."
"The careers service was very helpful with CV reviewing and mock interviews but I didn't get much from the alumni network."
"The careers department isn't great when it comes to science advice and services after university in my personal experience."
"My university organises many career fairs, both general and also specific to degrees. Professionals have come in and discussed their jobs and how they got them. We have also had access to professional CVs."
"Our careers centre is extremely well-prepared to handle all of the numerous requests law students approach them with. Very satisfied."
"There are many career fairs that are specific to certain schools so I can't attend them. They can help you on specific paths but aren't as good at general advice, a career advisor once told me to come back when I've decided on what job I want to do."
"There should have been more internship opportunities and guidance for applying. We're in an ideal location for them to help with internships in the City."

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