Plymouth University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The uni is very well respected, attended and organised."
"The teaching staff are highly respected in their fields."
"We're close to the sea and the societies are fantastic. The SU has recently been updated and is now a great use of space as well as being reasonably priced."
"The campus is all in one place, right next to most of the halls of accommodation. The vast majority of rented accommodation is less than a 20-minute walk to campus and we have lots of computers and other helpful resources including the 24/7 library."
"Everything is close together. A variety of teaching methods are used and there are good social opportunities."
"The location, sports and societies. It's quite cheap to live here and I enjoyed the course content on the whole. The uni listened to feedback from students and I saw some of it get acted on."
"There are fab facilities for my course and I love the location by the sea."

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