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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We have an amazing library collection and a great learning environment."
"The Oxford Brookes students' union safety bus is great."
"The uni has excellent facilities and guest speakers who are specialists in their field. We have access to the Bodleian Library, great career prospects and the opportunity to study abroad."
"The location of our halls in relation to campus is good, as are the transport links into the city. We also get a free bus pass."
"It's a nice area with well run student nights and student events, a good library, lots of choice for food, a good use of space and helpful and approachable lecturers."
"The opportunities and support provided extracurricularly and the feeling of community, particularly experienced in sporting activities. The JHB building is by far the best thing Oxford Brookes has to offer and it is an incredible tool in a students' arsenal."
"The social life is great with brilliant courses and class structure. We have very attentive teachers."
"The education-based library on campus is great and we have teaching staff with real-world experience of what they are teaching."
"It’s very modern. Everyone cares a lot about us and they are all ready to help us all the time. There are great social and sports societies too."
"There are very strong placement opportunities and very encouraging lecturers."


"The teaching experience, the international and diverse cultural and professional background of students."
"The lectures are very interesting and the teachers are always extremely available. I love the buildings, the library and the sport facilities. Also, I really like the fact that Brookes is a very eco-friendly university."
"The teaching is very intuitive and the lecturers are always happy to help."
"The campus is very modern and a great place to study. The city is friendly and safe. You get access to Oxford University resources in your final year. Free bus pass and good, cheap travel to London."
"Good module choice and passionate lecturers. The location. The JHB building is impressive. Lots of opportunity to try new things (module choice, work placements, language modules)."
"Location. Oxford is a really nice place to live in and the transport links to London are incredible."
"Programme arrangement is brilliant, they link to each other. I actually revise my subject while I am attending other subjects. Computers are everywhere so you don't have to bring your laptop."
"The location of Oxford. The night life. The Oxford Brookes safety bus. The lecturers."
"Beautiful campus building. Excellent facilities. Widely published top academics in the field."
"The modern and well equipped teaching and library spaces. The location. The good range of other things that can be accessed such as societies and sports."

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