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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's a new sports night on Wednesdays at the O2, which is a cheaper alternative to the centre of town and is only five minutes from the uni accommodation."
"There's an ice rink and a leisure centre nearby as well as lots of pubs. Town is only a short walk away where there are nightclubs and bars."
"We have a good choice of clubs, pubs and bars in the city. There's also a cinema and a theatre."
"There are plenty of clubs, pubs and bars to suit all tastes. The students' union does not run any kind of nightlife unfortunately. There are plenty of options in Oxford but these are often expensive so we could benefit from having an SU club/bar. There is a sports bar but it isn't very lively."
"There are lots of big clubs to go to with events on specific days but also smaller pub options if you want to have more of a chilled night talking with friends."
"There are lots of traditional pubs but also quirky student bars and cafés that are open late. The Cowley area has shisha bars, pubs, cocktail bars, cafés and ethnic restaurants. Other parts of the city have historic real ale pubs, wine bars, techno and house music clubs, classical music venues and cheap student friendly eateries. There is, of course, punting and rowing along the Thames in the summer."
"There are plenty of pubs in Oxford and loads of bars, which means you never have to go to the same one two nights in a row if you don't want to. The clubs are fairly good with nights such as MNB, Atik and Fishies being the biggest and most popular. Although the nightlife in Oxford does not compete with larger cities such as Newcastle and Manchester, it puts up a pretty good fight for a city of its size."
"There are plenty of student oriented nightclubs and lots to do in the evenings. Pubs are relatively cheap for central Oxford and there are lots of alternative pubs on offer."
"There are many clubs and pubs both in the city centre and Cowley, though they are somewhat expensive."
"There are tonnes of bars and pubs, too many to name. Oxford events also organises many nightlife events and is worth checking out. Clubs include Atik (with five different areas), Bridge (with three), Lola Lo (has now changed), Purple Turtle and Emporium. There are also events at the O2 in Bullingdon."


"The clubs are very basic and the music is almost the same in each one. It's nothing compared to clubs in other, bigger towns like London or Leeds. On the other hand, the pubs are very nice. Many of them offer good quality beer or other drinks and live music. There are many places to eat different food from all over the world. The parks are awesome and there's literally everything you need to practise your sport, from a gym to an ice rink to swimming pools."
"From traditional buildings and museums to clubs and bars, there is a lot to do here."
"Pretty good. There's a variety of event nights so you can go out pretty much every night."
"Culture, architecture, museums, night life etc. I'm a member of the Oxford Union and that has been a great place to attend."
"There are more than seven clubs and club nights. There are also great bars and traditional pubs as well as good places to eat."
"There are so many clubs, which often hold big events (such as fight nights and weekly events like fuzzy ducks). There are pubs and niche restaurants all along Cowley Road (where my halls are based). There are a few clubs along Cowley Road but the best ones are in town."
"Museums, cinema, restaurants, many beautiful sites, Oxford University halls etc."
"There are lots of musical opportunities and a wealth of history. It's very cultured."
"There are lots of clubs, book events, restaurants and cinemas etc."
"There are places to skateboard and you can go to pubs and clubs. There are also awesome eateries and retailers to check out eg SS20, Cowley Road, Yhgetme."

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