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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Oxford is beautiful and the location of the campus makes it easy to get into the centre of town. The uni has great sports facilities too, despite sharing them with primary schools. The accommodation is nice yet expensive and there are sometimes not enough computers in the library."
"The location of the university and of the facilities is really good as we're just ten minutes from the centre of town by bus. The student accommodation I'm in is brand new, which is also good. It is just not well connected with the bus to the campus."
"It's a great location that's not far from the city centre and has a good free university bus service. We have nice new labs that are well equipped, but the library doesn't have enough study space and doesn't have access to enough online scientific journals. The accommodation is nice, but a bit too expensive."
"Oxford is a vibrant and buzzing city that's a great place to be in with access to lots of activities. There are good facilities for breakout, food and day-to-day activities on the main campus as well as a bus straight into the city centre. There are also sports and gym facilities and even rock climbing facilities for something different. The accommodation isn't on site but it's only a short walk or short bus ride away."
"There's loads to do and a free bus so we can get to lots of places. You're never too far from town in student accommodation."
"There's not much parking if you have a car but, unless you have to have one, you can get by with a bike or just walk as nothing is miles away."
"Oxford is a fantastic city and there's something for everyone. You can have the best of both worlds as there's really easy access to London but we also have quiet rural areas close by. It's a really vibrant city with an array of activities and opportunities to choose from."
"We're normally based at the main campus, which is useful with it being so close together. The facilities are amazing, everything is brand new and parts are still under construction."


"The campus is situated not far from the city centre where the majority of the social life happens. This makes for an immense diversity in social outings. During the day, the city centre stays lively and is beautiful to visit as well. Overall, the facilities are great with a new library that opened just two years ago and is a great environment to work in. Student accommodation is great as well, which is always important to allow new university students to settle successfully into a university."
"I started off living in Cheney student village (which is close to the gym) in my first year. I was also close to the JHB library. I found it helpful to have access to many facilities that provided a lovely service. I now live in Dorset house for my second year. It's on the main road and closer to the Headington shops. Oxford generally has everything located in good walking distance."
"Oxford is such an amazing town to study in. The parks, the museums, the cafes and libraries are absolutely amazing. JHB Campus is very beautiful and it satisfies my expectations completely. On the other hand, Harcout Hill is too far to reach and the library is not very furnished. The sport facilities are just amazing. Crescent Hall is the cheapest Brookes accommodation. I like the fact that it is quite convenient but it is far from the city centre and not well linked to Harcout Hill. Also, I don't really like the fact that the wardens and the hall staff always have access to the flat and to our rooms. I find it a bit annoying and not very respectful of our privacy."
"Close to town, which is useful. The free bus card for students is also very useful and makes the university more of a city university. The new JHB building has provided excellent facilities, which make it a pleasure to learn in. The student accommodation is good for first years and well priced."
"I am living in halls for the second year. Their location is close to the uni as well as to all other local amenities and the coach stop to get to London."
"The city of Oxford is lovely and scenic. It's on a campus with accommodation nearby."
"I'm at Headington campus so we have a relatively new building, which is beautiful and the space to study in is great. There is a gym, but the best one is on the other campus. As it's based in Oxford, you don't have to go far for a shop although there is a small convenience store, a Starbucks and a bank on campus as well as a dentist and a well-being department for both counselling and general health. There's also a bookstore for most books that are on each course's reading list. The accommodation I am at is called the Mews, it's a new one for Brookes as it's run by an external company called Victoria Hall. It's very nice, but also very expensive. That provides you with a double bed and an en-suite, it also includes bills and the TV in the kitchen/diner."
"It's in the city of Oxford, but there are two campuses slightly outside of the city and the bus takes quite long to get to them. The student accommodation is quite good but the city as a whole is very expensive. The facilities in the new library are brilliant but some things, such as media facilities, need to be updated and made more available for students studying those courses."
"I went into private accommodation. I know friends had difficulty getting into student halls and a lot of first years ended up in houses. This made socialising and adjusting difficult. I love Oxford but it's also hugely expensive."
"Two of the campuses are far away but Headington is pretty close to the city. There's a good amount of accommodation near the university. There's a great deal of library space."

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