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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The university makes a great effort to attract a variety of people, which positively impacts all students in attendance as we can learn from one another."
"The university does attract a good range of people from different cultures."
"There's a wide range of students from different backgrounds. However, the majority of students come from nearby and London areas so a broader reach is needed."
"Its too expensive for students from many backgrounds to attend as the student loan doesn't even cover accommodation costs."
"I believe the university encourages diversity and gives adequate support to international and non international students."
"The uni needs to be more open to other diversities eg catering to Muslims' needs and selling more halal foods, as well as vegan and organic etc."
"There's lots of diversity at Brookes. However, more could be done to help integrate groups."
"I think it does a good job at supporting students of all races/genders/sexualities and religious beliefs."
"The university has a support scheme for students who find themselves in financial difficulties and it is very supportive of international students."
"There are specific events to celebrate the diversity with an event last year asking students to pinpoint where on a world map where they come from and write about themselves. This clearly showed how diverse the student community is."


"Yes, there is a specially provided chaplaincy for every religion."
"Brookes is very diverse. It does a lot to help people from a wide range of backgrounds."
"There are many international students and all kinds of help and support for them. It's a very multicultural society."
"There are opportunities for lots of placement years abroad and a range of different societies to accommodate all."
"Yes, of course. I myself am in the ASEAN society that consists of mainly South East Asian students but everyone is still welcome to join. Brookes University has allowed students of different diversities to form a society to promote cultural awareness among one another."
"The university is really friendly and has many staff from a diverse range of backgrounds, which makes it helpful and easier for international students to adapt to the surroundings. You will feel like it is a second home to you in just a week."
"The university is open to everyone with no one discriminated against. The university contains a lift for those unable to manage stairs."
"There is a good blend of cultures but the university needs to do more to cater for their needs, especially after induction."
"My flat has a mix of races and religions (and there are only four of us). We all have different religions, political views, personal preferences and household incomes. We all come from different parts of the UK and all do different courses. So our student population is very diverse."
"Very diverse with plenty of international students."

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