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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There's a vast array of university societies that can be joined, not to mention a new nursing choir society that was formed this year."
"The sports clubs are brilliant. Hockey has four men's and four ladies' teams as well as a mixed one too! It's the best thing I've done at uni."
"As far as societies are concerned, the uni has almost everything and anyone can find something or other to do. If the society someone wants to join is not available then they can always make a new one and it's very easy to do so. We have plenty of sports clubs available and also have a gym within the campus, which is very helpful as we don't have enough time to do exercises on our own. The social environment is just amazing and people are very friendly."
"Sports clubs include fencing, hip-hop, mountaineering, snow sports and water sports. There are societies for religion and faith, baking, creative writing and politics etc. The societies vary from year to year but students are able to form new societies if they desire. It's generally a friendly and welcoming place with additional conferences, events and open-evening lectures covering everything from mental health to creative industries workshops."
"There are many sports clubs but also many societies that need more support and funding to make them more fun and interesting."
"There are a multitude of opportunities to engage in social and sporting activities. Fencing is a good example."
"The social environment is good as the university provides a reasonable amount of space to socialise and relax. The sports club variety is great with lots to choose from."
"There are loads of sports clubs that you can take part in both socially and competitively. Sports night on Wednesday is arguably the biggest night and 'Tour' each Easter is one of the biggest events to look forward to."
"There are lots of great societies at Brookes that organise great events for those involved. The rock society is a great example for those who want something a little alternative and there are lots of societies so that people can keep up with their hobbies from home, such as dancing or musical instruments."
"There are all sorts of sports clubs including water sports, martial arts, equestrian, athletics and cheerleading. There's a wide range of sports where you can pick what you like. There are also lots of different societies and each organises its own socials (most of them are free or really cheap). The students' union also organises lots of socials."


"Great for socialising, sports teams and societies of all kinds. If you are interested in anything, there is probably a society for it! Great location, great people, great fun!"
"Oxonians are usually very friendly people. Studying at Brookes gives you the chance to meet fantastic people from all over the world. There are many different sport clubs, literally everything you can imagine: climbing, rowing, volleyball, rugby, football, tennis, lacrosse, badminton, martial arts, yoga, pilates, body combat and many, many others. So many societies as well: drama, music, jazz, theatre, ice-skating, debate clubs, cinema, fashion, books, activism and if you don't find anything interesting, you can create your own society!"
"There are many great societies. I'm not sure if they're advertised enough though, due to the fact that I didn't know some existed."
"The social environment is good at Brookes. I would describe it as being a 'sporty' university where a lot of people are into sports. I would also describe Brookes as a realistic uni. They understand that students can be lazy and that two 2000-word essays a week is not feasible for many students, so deadlines are appropriate and perhaps even generous!"
"Brookes University has societies for most of the sports, even horse racing. Basically, Brookes university encourages you to take up sports during your free time based on their weekly sports tournaments and events."
"Use the Oxford Brookes safety bus when on a night out. They will take you anywhere in Oxford for just a £1 donation. Far cheaper and safer than taxis!"
"Great social environment and lots of sport opportunities. The Cowley area is a great location to live."
"Use the Brookes safety bus after a night out when you want to get home safely. It costs only £1 and we play excellent music and have lots of fun :) Tickets never sell out."
"There are a huge number of societies. If you are athletically inclined, you should definitely join a sports club or society as it could really make your time at uni."
"Good range of sports clubs, such as water sports and the usual ball game sports. The range of societies is OK, though it could do more to cater for a more diverse range of hobbies rather than just subjects and a few extra ones. Good atmosphere at university, people are friendly, staff are helpful and work is realistic."

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