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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Employment opportunities are available with the university and there appears to be an abundance of year-long work placements for students on leisure industry courses."
"The careers service has helped to guide me towards what I might want to do, and I appreciate that."
"The careers service centre often stays in touch via at least three or four emails a day and they are all useful to spot potential employers. Moreover, they organise jobs fairs and invite industry professionals to come and meet us as well as offering networking opportunities for students."
"The careers service is good with careers advice but less helpful with postgraduate study advice. The employers are almost always business related so they need to encourage more science companies to visit campus. We have a good online mentoring scheme with Brookes Alumni."
"The careers service here offers students options to apply for jobs directly through the office or indirectly via online emails and there are online updates from recruiters. My department often organises career presentations and invites lots of human resources representatives from industries to come and share their working experiences as well as giving us opportunities to apply and work with them."
"There have been lots of fairs and events to help people make connections with employers in their degree field and there is a substantial number of careers advisers and alumni teams to help people network."
"We have a very good careers network in place with good industry links and opportunities for work experience."
"The careers service have been pretty helpful in providing me with information to help me narrow down my career options and some modules on my course gave me work placement opportunities."


"There are very regular careers fairs from a variety of volunteering opportunities and companies. We have a very strong careers department that gave me a lot of support when making a CV. Employers range from local employers to large national employers."
"There are always recruiters on campus and graduate career fairs. I went on a placement that the university helped set up, which was great for my employability skills."
"Every week there is a presentation by companies that come to the university to speak to students. Interviews with them are possible, which makes for a great way to establish contact with people for opportunities after university. Career fairs are also an occurrence on campus and alumni come to the university to speak to students as well."
"Lots of support in different forms is available to suit all. Fairs and on-campus fairs run throughout the year. There's a lot of help from careers services to help with volunteer work and employment prospects too."
"Lots of businesses come in during graduate fairs etc. Careers is open all year round and can arrange meetings and mock interviews etc."
"Careers services were really helpful when I was preparing my CV for the work placement module. They improved the CV I had written in year 11, making it far better and more concise. There seems to be a lot of emails sent out about careers fairs and jobs on offer (the local shopping outlet Bicester Village for instance). I never have the time to read them all as they can be a little overwhelming."
"A placement was run when I was looking for work and this enabled me to successfully find a job. There were large global companies that came to campus, ranging from global technology companies, automotive manufacturers and fashion brands to smaller local companies in a range of industries. This meant that there were plenty of career opportunities available."
"The careers department have helped me to find a part time job that fits around my uni. They also provide CV workshops and interview technique workshops. They have a jobs fair and also email you about upcoming events (if you sign up)."
"The university prides itself on offering a great careers and recruitment service. This is mostly through emails, fairs and the careers office, which has received positive reviews from students (especially when it comes to CVs)."
"Through talking to an associate lecturer, I secured myself the job that I've now held for two years while at uni. It's in the field in which I wish to work. We also have a 'working in publishing' day where potential employers come in for speed dating sessions."

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