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"Some modules are a bit redundant and some of them sound to me like repeating the same topics constantly. There are not enough buses that link the halls to the campuses. On some days, it takes more than an hour and a half to get to Harcout Hill. That's ridiculous for such a small town as Oxford."
"The student union is pretty bad compared to other universities and we need a little more library space."
"Living costs are high. Night life is average."
"Being an outside campus from Oxford can mean students getting less support than Oxford students receive."
"The accommodation isn't picked in any way, just random. I found myself with people I had nothing in common with."
"Most of its halls are quite a distance away from the main campus and popular social spaces."
"Not a very good student union, not a very large range of activities set up. Not as many societies as other universities."
"Expensive and poorly equipped gym. Expensive rent and location."
"Student union is not great or popular among students."
"There's no parking within the university, which can be a problem for those who commute."

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