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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The staff are supportive and friendly and the university has great equipment and resources."
"We have a supportive environment and tutors. The technological library is great, teachers are friendly and there are lots of extracurricular opportunities."
"The teaching is of a brilliant standard with lecturers actually caring about your learning rather than just focusing on their own research, which is not to the benefit of the student. The lecturers are always supportive and will always try to help you and guide you by answering any questions you may have."
"The course has very good links with the industry and is well known."


"Access to a wide range of resources and technologies, good employment support and opportunities."
"Location, as it's in a great place. NOW, which is NTU's online work space, almost everything is put onto NOW so you can access materials whenever you want. The teaching structure is good, having lectures and seminars means you first understand what to do then in the seminars you see how it's applied."
"Social life in the city. There is an animal unit at Brackenhurst campus. Good array of courses. Specialist agricultural college."
"I will have Qualified Teacher Status in only three years. Whereas, with most other universities, it would take at least four."
"Its central location in the city centre, facilities offered, the student union and the affordable rent prices."
"The social life, work life balance, quality of sports facilities and sports teams. The location of the city campus to local amenities and city centre. Employability after graduating from university."
"Diversity among students. Opportunity to meet different people with varied backgrounds and cultures."
"Work placement guarantee."
"Greenest university in the UK. Constantly updating the university's library facilities."
"Lecturers are really passionate and willing to go the extra mile."

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