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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
9.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are pubs around every corner with different vibes so it does cater to all tastes. There are lots of uni societies that you can join to explore the pubs and clubs with, such as Ink and Prysm."
"Nottingham is a great night out and there is somewhere for everyone no matter what you are into."
"It's a big city so has a wide range of pretty much everything."
"Nottingham is lively and has every kind of pub, bar, mini golf, bowling and board game café. Everything is quirky and there to find if you look for it."
"There are around 15 nightclubs, 80 bars and 59 pubs in the city centre, which are all a short walk from one another so there's no need to pay for taxis. All are very cheap and affordable for students, which is brilliant and there is a nightclub/bar/pub for everyone, with all of them being unique."
"There are so many clubs that you will never be bored."


"A lot as it's so close to the centre. There's restaurants, clubs, pubs, a theatre hall, fast food places, a library, concert venues (Theatre Royal, Rock City)."
"Nightclubs, shopping, food, casino, cinema. Museums on the history of Nottingham/England, Robin Hood."
"Cinema, eat out, mini golf, amusements, cocktail bars, visiting heritage sites (Nottingham castle and Nottingham cave etc). Museums, night clubs, walks in the park and along the river."
"Indoor trampoline warehouse, shopping, mini golf, cinema, restaurants, bars."
"Clubs, bars, cinemas, restaurants (in abundance), gyms, fun activities such as mini golf."
"There are dozens of bars and clubs, lots of lovely student-friendly pubs, places to walk and lots of opportunities to shop."
"Lots of clubs with various different student nights throughout the week. Cinema and theatre both just around the corner from the university campus and accommodation."
"Clubs, bars, unique bars such as ping pong which I like as something different. Secret bars and special cocktail bars."
"There's places to eat, socialise, have a good night out. There's places to watch movies, get your nails done, there's so much to do in my town."
"Massive amount of food and drink establishments, great choice of nightlife/clubs/bars. Something for everyone."

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