Nottingham Trent University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Clifton is in the wilderness but it's not as bad as Brackenhurst! The city campus is great if your course is there."
"The city campus is very conveniently located to the city centre and has a lot of easy-to-access facilities. Student accommodation is mostly nearby too. I can't comment on the other two campuses which are further away from the main city."
"I'm at the city campus and it's located in a great place. Very close to bus stops and trams, as well as student accommodation. Also close to shops and the two main shopping centres in Nottingham."
"My campus was Brackenhurst, about 50 minutes outside Nottingham. The campus has a good library and is out in the countryside providing plenty of lovely walks. However, the social life isn't great so I would suggest living in Nottingham and travelling out if that's a priority."
"I'm at Clifton campus, although it is out of the centre it's easy to get to on the bus which is regular and reliable."
"City is really convenient for local amenities and travel as well as exclusive access to Nottingham's nightlife. Library is a good facility but could have more computers and desk space to work at. The gym facilities are good but could be bigger, and having a swimming pool would make the facility fantastic."
"I'm on city campus, which is directly in the city centre. The facilities for my course are brilliant, though we do sometimes struggle to meet demand for computers during busy times. Accommodation here is really nice, but the ones provided by UPP are very expensive."
"University is conveniently located at the heart of the city centre which makes it easy to access. The fact that I stay at the university accommodation, everything seems to be within an arm's reach."
"The city location contains excellent facilities, with a huge and contemporary student union that includes a nightclub, two bars, gym, climbing wall, sports hall, learning areas, and first-class accommodation as well as a Costa. The library is huge and contemporary and the buildings are within walking distance of one another."
"The facilities are great, some campuses and school accommodations away from town have frequent buses going to and from."

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