Nottingham Trent University

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think there's a society for every ethnicity and they're very welcoming. There's a very diverse bunch of us in all our lectures and seminars and it's lovely to meet people with different perspectives on things."
"We have a global week and nights out for international students etc."
"We have a very multicultural university as it has lots of courses catering towards all students from all backgrounds. There are also facilities such as the global lounge where international students can go to chat and have a free cup of tea/coffee and some food to make them feel more welcome."
"The students' union offers in-depth support for all individuals, which is great."
"Nottingham Trent is very diverse and there are people here from every background."


"They hold global week and encourage international students to meet up."
"It does to an extent, needs to work on it a little."
"Yes it does, we are one of the most diverse universities in the UK."
"Definitely, recently had global week. Also have a wide range of teaching staff from different backgrounds."
"We have the global lounge, where international students can come and socialise. They put on interesting events for all students to attend, and organise global week, where we get to sample the different cultures of all the students here."
"The uni have lots of nights for different cultures, so they are very welcoming to diverse backgrounds."
"I think it does to an extent, we have our own societies that they have given leeway for, so I guess that's really good. I do think they could do more, such as more focus on black history month. But apart from that they do global week, which I think is really good as that week caters for a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds."
"Yes they do. Events such as global week."
"International students are catered for with special nights, language lessons and other benefits that make them feel more comfortable away from their home countries. Students are generally open-minded here and accepting of all types of people."
"My university hosts social gatherings to observe and support international students from different countries."

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