Nottingham Trent University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Other people judge it for being a newer university."
"It is very large and loud as it is based in a city."
"The travel from campus to campus can get frustrating."
"There's something of a lack of affordable accommodation."


"Campus isn't in the city centre."
"Price of public transport."
"Poor amount of time with lecturers and seminars. Constant changes to which students I'm studying with for many modules."
"Not enough resources are provided for English students. We have to spend a lot of money on core texts, whereas other courses are offered help."
"Not a lot of budget accommodation."
"Having to travel to Clifton for sports each week."
"Its reputation isn't as good as some red brick universities, which are higher in league tables."
"Student landlords have been an issue throughout university. I feel they take advantage of students and do not give an adequate service like they would give other clients."
"Libraries are very busy, especially at peak times."
"Not enough computers available."

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