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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Joining a society is a great and fun way to meet loads of people, both in the society and others on the Wednesday social night to Ocean. Joint socials are the best."
"It is one of the best universities for law students as it has a dedicated legal advice centre for law students to volunteer at throughout their degree. Also, the only Free Representation Unit outside of London is incorporated within this legal advice centre. For students wanting to train as a legal professional, this experience is essential and should not be underestimated. It is a key selling point of NTU over other university law schools."
"Varsity is worth the wait. The sports teams are quite fun to watch and they are very welcoming if you want to be part of their society."
"NTU is known for its great sport and this is really true, with it offering hundreds of sports teams and societies that students can get involved in. All clubs and societies have facilities for those who are elite and those who are beginners, so all are welcome."
"There's a large range of sports clubs but the uni is lacking when it comes to some other societies."
"There's a society for everyone and there are many to choose from, including sporty and non-sporty. There are also lots of opportunities to try out different sports."


"The students' union building has a climbing wall for people to use whenever they want."
"It's really good, lots to do and lots to join. Very diverse assortment of events on, sports clubs and societies are vast."
"Variety of sports societies as well as other societies such as debating and mooting."
"The sports clubs are expensive. You need to set aside a good amount of money to be in a university sports group."
"Social life is brilliant, there are plenty of sports clubs that are well run and compete at a high standard."
"Nottingham is definitely one of the best student cities in the UK, and Trent takes full advantage of that by having loads of affiliated club nights just for our students. There are dozens of sports clubs, most of which have both teams for great athletes as well as space for beginners and those who only want to play socially. There's also a club night just for sports clubs and societies, complete with a bar crawl and fancy dress. It's the best night of the week."
"Lots of sports clubs and societies, there will be something for all personalities and interests."
"I think the social environment is really easy to get involved in as most of the time you'll come across welcoming and friendly people/members of the public. There's loads of sports clubs to join and be really serious in, some even offer scholarships. There's a wide range of societies in university, literally anything you're interested in, you're likely to find a society that fits you. Life at my university is quite fun and active, there's always something to do."
"There are many sports clubs, and those that can't be filled by NTU are shared with the other Nottingham university. Sports clubs have a regular night out every Wednesday and have amazing nightlife. This is as well as being dedicated sportsmen and women competing both nationally and internationally. Ice hockey varsity is a huge thing, where Trent competes with UoN every year."
"The university has several sports teams and great facilities for football, futsal, rugby, cycling etc."

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