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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's a good course and I have a variety of opportunities."
"The modern facilities and friendly teaching staff."
"Having many opportunities and passionate lecturers."
"The best things about my university are the course, which is the only one of its kind in the UK (MLaw degree), the number of activities and societies available to students and the support given by staff throughout."


"The many varieties of society you can join, the good facilities and cheap food."
"Good course material and good feedback from tutors. The facilities such as the library, gym, labs and students' union are great additions for overall experience."
"It's a great place to study and learn more about a subject. There's a great social life and you get to meet loads of new people."
"The modern facilities and the amazing team of teaching staff."
"Lecturers are all helpful and there are lots of opportunities to join sports teams and societies."
"The people and the facilities in the business school."
"Good teachers and courses as well as the new facilities."
"The 24/7 library was really helpful, as were the careers service that offered CV help and gave you a lot of help in finding jobs. Professors are approachable and ready to give feedback and personal meetings. Also, the staff are warm and friendly."
"It's a world-class business school with good sports facilities and accommodation. It's right in the city centre."
"The social scene and friendly city."

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