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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
9.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's something for everyone."
"It's excellent."
"Drinks are very cheap and aimed towards students. There are many nightclubs and bars as well as places such as bowling alleys aimed towards adults."
"Newcastle is famous for its nightlife and has been voted one of the top ten nights out in Europe for a number of years! There are lots of pubs and clubs and Jesmond is often crammed full of people drinking at the fancy bars and restaurants. Geordie Shore gives a pretty good overview of how good the nightlife is in Newcastle."


"A variety of different clubs and bars to go out to with friends in the city."
"There's a range of things to do in town, the main one being shopping. There's Grainer market to buy all your local produce, multiple museums, the quayside and multiple restaurants, bars and night clubs. Further afield there is Northumberland national park and the beach."
"There are places for bowling, shopping, eating and clubbing."
"There are museums and art galleries all around the town as well as many music venues. Comedy clubs and big sporting teams are centred in the city."
"There are a number of venues with events on every night of the week. Failing that, there are some awesome places to eat and drink that are great value for money."
"Cinema, art galleries, lots of clubs and bars and places to dine."
"There are lots of cafes, restaurants of great variety, bars/pubs and shops all over town. There's also Quayside where you can see the Tyne Bridge, Sage and Baltic, a museum and castles in Northumberland."
"Drink, shop, eat and much more!"
"There's an incredible number of clubs to choose from for a night out as well as bars everywhere if you just want to go for a drink. There are also many places to go for nice food or cocktails and different events with guest stars appearing in clubs."

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