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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"I've had a lack of contact time and there can be a struggle for computers in public spaces."
"The canteen has poor-quality food."
"There are high costs and a lack of trips."
"The worst thing about my university is the persistent problems with timetabling, which are never solved in time for the start of term."


"Some of the buildings are old in comparison to things like the business school."
"The lecture timetable is a bit disorganised and some tutors drive course materials fairly fast."
"Timetabling could be better organised."
"Being thrown in the deep end with little guidance."
"Some of the buildings are old and I feel that there could be more assistance for after university."
"There's a lack of monitoring attendance and modules aren't always well prepared."
"It's not the most organised and there are quite a few timetable changes or late notifications about changes to things like events or guest lecturers."
"Fees are high and accommodation could be better."
"There's not enough financial help for older students."
"The quality of some of the lecturers. Some of the computing facilities are out of date."

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