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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Northumbria has a real buzz and is a small but lively campus. There are plenty of societies and sports clubs with Northumbria having one of the best sports facilities in the UK. There are a range of societies including anything from special interests to academic."
"Everyone is friendly and there are lots of societies."
"There are many opportunities available, as far as societies are concerned. Maybe not as much variety as Newcastle University but still enough variety to find something that suits you."
"Lots of sports clubs and societies for everyone to join."
"There is something for everyone."
"The university is the home of world renowned achievers in different fields, champions of different sports and Olympic representatives. Sports clubs are worth joining, even though getting a gym membership is expensive, as the benefits of things like zumba and yoga classes are the fruit of your money spent. Societies of different nationalities are also present."
"We have lots of variety to fit everyone's interests."
"The sports centre's facilities and sports clubs are amazing. There's a huge amount of choice."
"Lots of sports clubs and societies are available to join but it is quite expensive to do some sports. It's a very good place to go out and explore the city with some amazing people."

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