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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers network is helpful and the library services run drop-ins to help with CVs and cover letters."
"There are a lot of placements and work experience opportunities available. The uni suggests some for you to apply for but they also allow you to find your own if you want."
"Only smaller law firms come to our university, which I find disappointing, and I had to apply for a big international law firm by myself."
"I have had a great deal of support from the careers services and from tutors who have helped with job applications and putting my CV together. There are also practitioner lectures organised where students can gain advice from current practitioners in their desired field, which is really helpful for networking and gaining practical advice on applications for jobs. There are frequent recruitment fairs throughout the year to showcase jobs and companies and help people to network. Placements and years abroad are available on most courses and those coming back from placements are encouraged to share their experiences with others."


"Northumbria has a good careers base and has regular career events, including careers fairs and workshops with employers."
"We have had vast support from the careers services. Many employers have visited our university and we get constant emails regarding the on-campus recruitment activity."
"Law is a competitive discipline. The university organises events where employers come in to speak to us or guest lecturers and offer networking opportunities. Sometimes we're informed about these with very little notice (possibly less than 12 hours). There has even been an occasion where I've received an email saying that there would be someone on campus in two hours."
"Careers have been quite helpful and have explained my options to me."
"There's a huge amount of careers support and a fair amount of courses to prepare you for employment or to enhance your CV."
"The careers service has done very well in terms of helping students look for jobs in various fields. They've invited employers to the university, which is an effective way of creating interaction between employer and future employees. The alumni network helps you to reach out with other students and is also useful when contacted for future references or feedback. Career fairs also have a positive effect as it gives a sort of introductory meeting with future employers and the help that they give is always fundamental to a student's career prospects."
"The job fairs and the careers service are excellent, although some of the bigger employers don't attend and prefer the prestige of Newcastle or Durham unis."
"They have given us good knowledge on the subject of careers, even offering us a key skills seminar where we got pointers on how to improve our CV and cover letters as well as how to prepare for interviews. If we have interviews coming up that are important, we can get someone to test interview us to make sure we are prepared for it. They have career newsletters sent to us every week, giving us updates on opportunities that are available. They make sure to have career fairs on regularly that will fit in with students' timetables."

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