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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The opportunities for student advice, opportunities for volunteering, quality of work and countless number of societies."
"Lecturers want you to succeed. You have the ability to do a year in industry and modules overlap with business/accounting/law to give a broader understanding for future jobs."
"The living costs in Newcastle are cheaper than any other places and the city is very vibrant and welcoming."
"There's excellent research-led teaching with modules that cover current issues."
"There is a separate language library where the staff are really friendly. It's quieter than the normal library and there are many guides for self-studying another language in your free time."
"There are very nice and comprehensive courses along with great teachers and a good atmosphere."
"We have supportive lecturers, good business school facilities, a wide choice of first-year accommodation, a fantastic city, lots of societies and friendly people."


"Newcastle is an amazing location! Great nightlife, people, and it's cheap!"
"The campus feels very homely and is in the centre of town so easy to get to and handy for when you have breaks. The staff on my course are all very supportive and friendly and are leading scholars in their fields."
"Great social life and the locals are friendly, especially in the first few weeks when you're lost! The academic support is really good, if there's ever a problem no matter how small there's always someone you can talk to."
"Cost of living is low, facilities and teaching are excellent, atmosphere is very friendly and sociable."
"The nightlife, it's a Russel Group, the people."
"Great variety of art workshops and societies. Convenient and beautiful campus."
"It's a Russell Group university. Puts theory into action a lot in my course."
"Recapped lectures, staff are usually helpful, good night life."
"Very good teaching as it is engaging. Social life, and the NUSU is exceptional."
"Location to town, cost of living, 24 hour access to many buildings including the library."

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