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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Treble vodkas are very cheap and loads of places don't charge for entry. There are many different types of bars, clubs and pubs on offer. Taxis are also very cheap."
"There's a huge variety of nightlife in Newcastle and I haven't gotten bored of it yet. There is always a new bar or deal to try and it's easy to find somewhere to fit your choices in terms of music, vibe and price range."
"Newcastle has so many places to eat and drink. Clubs are really cheap and offer some of the best nights out in the UK."
"There are loads of clubs, bars and pubs in Newcastle offering great student deals and drinks prices and there are always loads of events happening. There are also lots of bars and pubs in the student area of Jesmond. Music events are also available as there are two different arenas."
"Newcastle has a reputation for its nightlife and it lives up to it. There are clubs for every kind of person and enough bars to go out every night of the week if you want."


"Loads of bars and clubs. Shopping centres, cinemas and loads of restaurants as well as gyms and swimming pools."
"Loads of places to go out, eat and drink. Loads of different clubs. All the normal things like cinema and bowling too!"
"Plenty of clubs and bars and restaurants. Cinema, comedy clubs etc if you are looking for something different and not just a session."
"Loads of nightclubs with different music. Angel of the North. The beach. Tyne bridge. Go Ape/paintballing/go-karting. Concerts."
"It's Newcastle, there are plenty of places to drink! Of course you are also close to Tynemouth and Whitley Bay if you fancy a day at the beach and close to the national park and Hadrian's Wall of you want to go walking. There's quayside and the Angel too, there's always something going on!"
"Newcastle has an exceptionally buzzing night life. There is definitely something for everyone and it's very affordable."
"Some amazing places, but also can be a bit of a Hell-hole with lots of 'Geordie Shore' types. You have to know where to go."
"A variety of shops and restaurants. Historical places to see on the quayside. There are a lot of good bars and clubs with all genres of music."
"Loads of bars/restaurants and clubs to choose from as well as the theatre, cinema and bowling on your doorstep."
"A lot of bars. Pubs are also available if one prefers a quieter atmosphere and isn't aiming to get completely drunk."

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