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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Campus right next to city centre, excellent location. Student accommodation is good, however, I was placed in halls three miles off the main campus, which was not ideal."
"It's in the city, so everything's close by. Taxis are cheap. Bus system could be better. Would be nice to rent out the dance studio."
"Uni is situated right in the middle of town ideal to get anywhere to any shops or train/bus stations. Most of the accommodation is within walking distance. If it's raining, there's always the metro which is close to uni and in first year there are free uni buses from some accommodation so you can get to uni easily. Still might need a public bus to get home though!"
"Newcastle is a great city to live in. Campus is beautiful, filled with greenery and plenty of very old buildings."
"The city is really friendly and really easy to find your way around. There are lots of good shops and a good transport system (the metro). The campus is really nice and a good size. The facilities are good but could be improved. Student accommodation is on the whole good."
"Campus is in an excellent location right next to city centre. My student accommodation isn't a high standard but it's cheap. Facilities are generally good for both course and sports."
"Good location and good condition on campus. A lot of the halls are far out and with the removal of the cheapest option next year, it may be too expensive."
"I think the campus is located in a prime position with the town centre and train station etc all being within walking distance. The facilities are great and there seems to be a lot of renovation constantly occurring to ensure they are of the best standard."
"Amazing city, great night life, heaven for foodies. Student accommodation alright. Top notch facilities."
"Everything is within walking distance and Newcastle itself is a very safe place to live. I never feel worried or scared walking alone late at night. The facilities are all amazing and there is never a shortage of computers or work space. The accommodation is standard but sociable."

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