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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The quality of teaching is not always great and there seems to be too many pupils per lecturer. A lot of lecturers appear to be more interested in research than teaching, which affects the quality of the teaching."
"There could be a better range of societies."
"Some of the rooms could do with an update, and there should be a few more rooms allocated to studying."
"It can be really busy in the library and it can be hard to find a space. It can also be noisy at times."
"The weather here is frequently cold and rainy."


"I often feel that lectures could be more engaging, less content-based. More discussion and exchanging different interpretations of texts."
"Very far north! It's quite a long way away from a lot of my home friend's unis."
"Societies aren't supported as much as they could be."
"Library is always too busy to work in."
"Not enough computers, the union is a bit soulless."
"City feels overrun with students. Lack of good bars and pubs, city is built on its clubbing nightlife rather than bars."
"The gym isn't very good."
"Ricky Road accommodation is nice and cheap, but people still have to fix things and not put it off because it's getting demolished."
"Can be overly focused on social life rather than academic achievement and job prospects/hunting."
"The first year accommodation that is available to undergraduates isn't very good."

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