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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The 'give it a go' scheme organised by the students' union is very good."
"Everyone is lovely and welcoming in Newcastle (both the city and campus) and there is always something going on either at the SU or in the city itself."
"There are a bundle of amazing societies and sports clubs such as a skydiving club that opens new possibilities for students to get involved in something new."
"The societies and the sports clubs are well organised at the university and based on the administration of the students' union."
"Societies are fun and have amazing socials roughly twice a term. The sports teams are quite competitive and demanding."
"There is always something going on at the university. There are a wide range of societies from circus club to skydiving and there is something to suit everybody. There are often free events on at the university and loads of cake sales."
"There are lots of societies and voluntary programmes that you can get involved in."
"There are a ton of different societies that you can join and most are free. They do things like weekly nights out and activities and they're really useful to make friends during the first weeks of university."


"Insane number of societies and very passionate, committed students. In general, Newcastle students are really friendly and a lot of fun."
"Great variety of sports clubs and societies, something to suit everyone's interest."
"Great societies and amazing sports facilities."
"Candidates should definitely attend the societies freshers fair, it is a must!"
"Over 200 sport clubs and 250 societies to join. I love Salsa."
"Sports clubs at Newcastle are competitive, you have to do trials to get on to a team. Of course there are the social sports teams too, if you want to play for fun. And then there are also the union societies which offer all sorts to absolute beginners."
"The Give it a Go and Go Play campaigns by the uni are fantastic, letting you try loads of things."
"Full of students, huge array of societies and sports. They tend to be very well organised and easily available."
"Every sports club and society you can imagine to choose from. On-going social events, both with just the university and the whole community."
"The social aspect is the best thing about Newcastle. The city and the university sports clubs and societies are all really good with vary varied choice."

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