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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service is good and advertises placements and work experience opportunities. I've been to the careers service a few times for CV and application help and they've always been efficient at helping."
"The careers service has been really helpful in providing support and advice and the advisers are a bunch of friendly people who are very approachable. However, it would be better to have more research/pharmaceutical recruiters on campus such as GSK and AstraZeneca etc."
"The careers service is always happy to help when you need advice regarding future careers and it offers lots of workshops on things like improving your CV and preparing for interviews. There are talks and the services are well advertised so it's easy to know about what's on offer. There's a newsletter you can subscribe to that contains job advertisements, placement information and dates of upcoming job fairs."
"The support from the careers service is really good, there are walk-in CV checks, practice interview sessions and personality tests. Recruitment fairs list a large amount of diverse employers from the Army to hotels and volunteering opportunities. I have been involved in a research scholarship where I worked alongside researchers for eight weeks over summer and presented my findings at the end of it. I also did an internship as a lab research assistant over summer, which was extended as a job that I really enjoyed."
"The Newcastle careers service is such a useful and key service that's available exclusively to us and gives advice on how to write CVs. It also allows you to search for current vacancies for paid internships or jobs within the university as well as outside."
"Our careers service offers a lot of support, workshops and advice sessions. It also organises job fairs and there are placements and work experience opportunities that vary depending on the degree."


"Career modules and mock interviews being part of the course. I have plenty of one-off career seminars and industrial visits to link us with the companies."
"Careers service is excellent! Loads of support with building my CV. There are also lots of events including careers fairs, recruitment events etc."
"Took part in the vocational placement module in second year so I attended many careers service talks since. Very helpful. However, could do with being better advertised and more encouragement to go by staff."
"The career services have been very helpful so far. I have had one-to-one sessions with the advisor and more are planned in the future so that I can align myself towards the goal of my life and career."
"Our careers service is rated one of the best in the country."
"They put on a graduate fair so you can sign up to graduate schemes and talk to people from the company. This is usually very engineering based though, but that's where the jobs are!"
"We had a talk from the careers service. The NHS head of service for our profession came in to talk about what she looked for in candidates, we're also having help with applications and interviews. There are a lot of on-campus recruitment fairs and activities but this course is more specifically vocational so they are not really relevant to me."
"I have not contacted the careers services, but I know they do arrange a lot of workshops and talks with a wide range of employers like HSBC, PwC, Network Rail, Royal Air Force, etc. Two fairs each year and on-campus recruitment from time to time, last one was a few weeks ago with the Army."
"Careers service are very helpful. Lots of events for meeting employers. There can be a lack of interest in jobs from the student population though, in comparison to other universities who are very job focused."
"I've been given lectures on how to write CVs, how to prepare for interviews etc. There is also a career service you can visit for any questions you have, their help is very useful."

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