Manchester Metropolitan University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The facilities are brilliant, as are the lecturers."
"There are many extracurricular activities available."
"We're in a great location with great facilities and good teaching/lectures."
"Lots of opportunities are available that I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't attend Manchester Metropolitan University. These opportunities include being an ambassador and course representative and having other volunteering opportunities."
"The campus is very close to town but is also self-contained."
"It's a sustainable and well-organised university with very friendly tutors!"


"The teaching staff are very friendly and approachable if you have any issues. The student life is great for meeting new friends and being able to explore the city."
"The accommodation is really nice and the facilities in the psychology department are great."
"The city is brilliant with lots of things to do outside of uni life. The course is exactly what I thought it would be like and I'm enjoying the task."
"Tutors have been very helpful and welcoming."
"I'm on the Crewe campus, which is small but very friendly! Everybody knows everybody so you feel really welcome and, if there's something you'd like to see happen on campus, the union will help."
"The people are amazing and very friendly and the staff are really helpful and approachable. The accommodation is of very good quality (or mine is, at least) and there are many opportunities such as a wide range of societies, sporting teams and events. Lots of events are hosted by the union with most of them being free (or at least cheap) and there are opportunities to work with the university to earn extra money. It's easy work and for good pay."
"I get the chance to improve my future and career while also playing sports for university and club teams."
"Good social life and an eco-friendly university. Most of the campus is new with up-to-date equipment."
"The support that I receive from my university."
"The experienced and helpful staff members, the great location and the amount of time you spend on placement."

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