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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs. There are also lots of events and nights out available most nights of the week."
"There are good pubs close to the accommodation."
"There are many student nights out, very cheap deals and different club nights to suit most tastes. Manchester has pubs, clubs and late-night bowling etc."
"Manchester has an extremely good nightlife but can be expensive."
"There are all kinds of clubs in Manchester."
"There is a huge range of different venues for live music, pubs to talk in and clubs with varying types of music."


"Lots of different clubs and bars as well as many places to eat and go shopping in the Trafford Centre."
"There is something to suit everyone including a range of clubs and bars with different music and different vibes. There are also museums and galleries to visit in the day time."
"Manchester is a small scale London and the list of activities is ever growing."
"Crewe itself is kind of empty. There's a cinema and a bowling alley and a small town centre and that's really about it. There are churches everywhere though, if you're religious. The train station is very close so you can visit Manchester or London (or anywhere else) quickly and fairly cheaply. Book in advance, you'll get tickets cheaper!"
"It's a major city so all the usual things including shopping, clubs/bars and art galleries etc."
"Most clubs are in walking distance so you save money, those that aren't you can get to with a taxi that's cheap with a big group. All of the clubs and bars are pretty cheap and hold events. Fifth is always a cheap night out and plays pretty decent chart music with a bit of popular indie music. Factory does 'quids night' every Monday and has three floors of different music for you to choose from, 42's is good for indie music, Zoo is good for rock and also has a weekly open mic night and metaloke on every other Friday. Birdcage is great on a Wednesday and does frequent holiday themed events with cheap drinks."
"Everything including bars, clubs, places to eat, cinemas, bowling, a theatre and music venues."
"There is a large variety of bars, clubs, shops and cafes to suit everyone's interests."
"There is so much you can do and there are many different types of things to suit people with different tastes."
"Cinemas, clubs, restaurants, bars and shopping centres. Basically everything a student needs."

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