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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The university and accommodation are very close to each other and we have easy access to the city centre."
"We're in an amazing location in the middle of the city centre."
"The campus location is very close to the centre of Manchester and most of the university halls (except for Daisy Bank) are very close to campus. The facilities are very recent and of a good quality and you can easily walk into the centre of town for food, shopping or visiting museums."
"The location of the campus is excellent. Access to the university was really easy as a commuting student."
"The university is located in central Manchester and has great transport links."
"The facilities at the university are useful and I have never felt as though it lacks anything. Also, my university is located on Oxford Road, which is a good thing because it's a very short walk from other places that I like to go to in my free time, such as the huge variety of food places and the central library in St Peter's Square etc."
"It's very close to the city centre and there are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby."
"Student accommodation is only a short walk from the uni."


"Accommodation is less than five minutes from campus and campus is 15 minutes from the city centre. There are good university facilities and the accommodation facilities are basic but decent enough."
"The university is situated in a prime location. For those that don't travel it's easy to get public transport to the university and into the city. Manchester city centre offers the best nightlife any student could wish for. The city has a vibrant number of pubs and clubs that you can attend to socialise."
"Good location that's a short walk to the town centre. The campus is small and everything is easy to find. Accommodation is close to campus."
"My student accommodation is overpriced and of low quality. The university building is opposite, it's extremely high tech, clean and a wonderful place to be."
"With the All Saints campus, everything is nearby and the 24/7 library is a big help!"
"I LOVE the location. Campus is relatively good but student accommodation could be better."
"I'm at the Crewe campus so there's not much around in the town. However, there's loads to do on campus such as volunteering, societies and sports clubs. It's close to the train station and Manchester's just an hour away so you can visit other places too. Campus is small and old but charming. My student halls are clean (depending on your flatmates) and you get your own ensuite! There are good connections with churches in Crewe (I'm a Christian so this is helpful to me) and there's a chaplaincy on campus."
"The university is only a 30 minute walk from Manchester city centre and all of the facilities and different buildings are close by and easy to find. The new union has been recently built and includes a cafe, a shop and a bar with food. My student accommodation was built in late 2014 and is of very high quality and extremely good value for money. It's also on my campus so as soon as you step out of the gate you're looking at the university."
"The university is in a great location and close to the city centre. The campus is all together, which is also a plus."
"Very close to Manchester city centre and they have recently invested heavily in facilities like the new union, Birley campus and the new business school."

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