Manchester Metropolitan University

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The student population is extremely diverse."
"The university attracts a wide variety of students."
"I do think the university attracts and supports students from a diverse range of backgrounds."
"I think it definitely does support students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including international students."


"I definitely think so as there is wide diversity at the university."
"I don't know much about what the university is doing to attract diversity but I have seen that there is a Muslim prayer hall and I think that this is a good thing."
"The university attracts a number of students from a number of countries and everyone gets along well."
"It definitely caters to a range of students with diverse backgrounds and there's good access for disabled students."
"Yeah I guess so, probably largely because it's Manchester."
"Our university is really diverse and it offers exchange programmes. There are societies catering to different religions and ethnic backgrounds as well as a good support network for LGBT students and other stuff. It's really supportive and friendly here and everyone accepts each other."
"I know a lot of international students including people from Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Africa, Germany and France etc. There are also lots of students from different parts of the UK including Wales and Northern Ireland. I don't really know how the university attracts people from different backgrounds but there's a lot of variety."
"Yes they do. They cater to all students from various backgrounds. There is always something for everyone whether it be jobs, events, societies or voluntary work and, of course, support."

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