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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The staff are knowledgeable and have great industry experience. Some large companies want to collaborate and hold competitions within our department, which is exciting."
"There are so many positives about Loughborough. The reputation and status of being in the top ten for my course ahead of many Russell Group universities was a major plus. The atmosphere on campus is also great. Everyone is really nice and friendly, which makes your experience so much better. The facilities are world class, especially the sporting facilities, which everyone can use whether you're an athlete or just a casual gym goer."
"There's plenty of careers support for checking CVs, help with application processes and organising career fairs. It's a clean and attractive environment with a really green campus and plenty of computer access. We have smart and passionate lecturers with quality content (not all but the majority), a pharmacy on campus and accommodation that caters to all incomes."
"The student culture and feeling of inclusivity is great. Campus feels like its own student world with all possible facilities available. The buildings are all new and well maintained, highlighting a high level of student investment."
"The support from the social sciences department is amazing. Help is always there if you need it and support for finding a placement is also really good. The culture at Loughborough is different to any other university, hence why it's called the bubble. It's very American with hustings, campaign week, punch parties and sing offs etc."
"The welcoming people, diverse ethnicity of the student community and friendly and professional teaching staff."
"The amount of support offered by the university (through the student support section, Nightline, personal tutors, the head of department and through general campaigns regarding mental health etc) are second-to-none. Sports are available for all levels and there are tons of extra activities. I couldn't recommend it enough. There's great nightlife for a campus university but lots of work is also being done to ensure that there are sober events throughout freshers."
"Everything you need is located in close proximity to halls and the student triangle. Lots of help is on offer and easily accessible if necessary. All the halls go above and beyond to ensure everyone is included and integrates well into the university."


"Teaching quality with a lot of insight into practical applications and problem solving. The sense of equality among staff and students. The support services offered in terms of job searching and opportunities, as well as communication skills."
"Really good lecturers, coursework is organised by companies from industry."
"Amazing sport opportunities including cheap membership to a world class gym."
"It's small so everything is easily accessible by either walking or cycling. No need to pay for public transport."
"Recorded lectures, very usefully to catch up if you're ill."
"Student experience and great student union, there's lots going on in a safe location near town. Everything on campus available and there are great staff."
"The campus is beautiful on a sunny day. The library has everything you could want and more. The union has events running day and night to suit every personality."
"High student satisfaction (consistently). High in league table rankings (consistently). A lot of one-to-one time with lecturers on my particular course (physics). Lecturers and other staff are very friendly and helpful. Your learning and welfare is important to them."

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