Loughborough University

Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"A lot of pubs provide a nice student atmosphere at evenings and weekends. There are a few clubs, which are the destinations to go to later for most people."
"A few clubs in town. Small shopping centre. Small museum. Lots of green space."
"Not really much in comparison to the cities but the town has almost everything that students need."
"There are a few nightclubs you can go to, as well as also a good range of restaurants. There's a gym, a climbing wall, and paintballing nearby."
"A few clubs and restaurants for evenings. A good variety of shops for a town. A heritage railway."
"There are clubs and restaurants to go to. However, it is a town and not a city, so less than you might be used to."
"There are five main clubs: Brooklyn Bar, Echos, Firefly, and Revs. They are all reasonably priced entry (£4.00 each), and are good on different nights of the week. The prices for drinks tend to be more expensive in town than in the union."
"There's a host of bars and pubs as well as a number of clubs, enough for one every day of the week! Each club often hosts a particular night and several times per year events are arranged which provide access to several of the major clubs in one night."
"Not a lot! But it's quaint."
"Take a walk in the Queen's Park. Visit the local market or cinema. There are a few big brands available to go shopping for. Museums (Charnwood and Great Central Railway) and the theatre are also an option."

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