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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
6.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It's a good central location but only a little town with few activities. However, our sport facilities are out of this world! We have great accommodation including Towers Hall, which is an amazing catered hall with very large bedrooms and a fantastic hall spirit. There are plenty of sports activities during the day as well as restaurants, bars and cinemas etc."
"The campus has lots of facilities including many sports pitches, gyms, cafes and the students' union is good. There's not much else outside of the campus in Loughborough though. The town itself is a little boring."
"The area is really nice with a large student population and the facilities, accommodation etc are all to a high standard. There are plenty of shops in the town and easy transport to cities such as Leicester for anything you can’t find in the town."
"The campus is on the edge of the town, the sporting facilities are second to none and the halls of accommodation are very nice in general but the food can be a bit iffy."
"The university is really close to the town centre, it's walking distance but also accessible by a campus bus. The gyms are incredible, they have so many machines and gym passes include classes and use of the swimming pool too. The student accommodation is my favourite bit of the university. Everyone knows everyone, particularly in catered halls, and there's every kind of potato you could want. During the day you can volunteer or do sports or raise money for charity. The union has something for everyone."
"We're in a nice location with a huge campus and lots of green space. There's a good shuttle bus service and a bus into the town centre and the students' union building is really nice."
"The location is great! Even though it's a small town the university campus is huge and a great place to go for a long walk or sit outside when it's sunny. The campus has so many green areas and open areas that you can use to play a sport during the evening or just chill between lectures. The union has a variety of choices where you can eat including a Chinese restaurant, a café and even a bubble tea place (which is my favourite). The student accommodation is great as it has great facilities and common rooms where you can relax if you're feeling too stressed."
"Campus is in a fairly good location taking into consideration that it takes less than five minutes to go to town and less than ten minutes to go to the train station. The gym facility is a bit far from campus and should be more central but all the other facilities are in good locations. Student accommodation is in an excellent location because it is very easy to go to lectures."
"It is in the midlands so it isn't far to visit friends and family up north or south. The campus is huge but very well kept and our student accommodation has been voted as one of the best."
"Loughborough town is made up of the university so feels generally safe. However, the town is small so what you can do is limited. Nottingham and Leicester are nearby though and the sports facilities in the uni are excellent and easy to use. Halls accommodation is excellent for your first year at uni and there are plenty of houses to pick from later on."


"The campus is beautiful and it's so nice to have everything in one place, especially as all the facilities are top quality. The student accommodation is lovely and it was nice to be given the opportunity to stay in halls for a second year."
"Location is not ideal for me as it's a small town. The campus is lovely but a bit too spread out and getting into town is a pain. Student accommodation is pretty good and facilities are generally good, although the design is somewhat tasteless in some buildings."
"The location isn't bad, there are various larger cities and towns surrounding Loughborough, meaning you can travel a short distance for a 'night out'. The campus is very large, which I like, and has essentially everything you need on site."
"Great campus with outstanding facilities, especially the gym. Student accommodation is also very good. The town can be a little dull sometimes."
"It's a huge campus filled with sport facilities! If you are looking for the city life it's not the best place but it's a nice, lovely town with a majority student population."
"A nice campus with lots of green space, the facilities are mostly in good condition and buildings are always being improved. The accommodation is generally nice, lots of different halls to choose from. Also the town is nice, missing some of the big shops but Leicester/Derby/Nottingham are all easy to access from Loughborough."
"The town is small, but has everything you need (besides a Nandos... But they're building one!). The campus is large, but there is a bus that is free and goes from one end to the other. It's always tidy, and easy to get around. The facilities are mostly new builds, so are all of high quality. Also, if the building isn't new, it has been recently renovated. The halls are fantastic. Most of them, again, are newly built or have been refurbished. They allow you to have inter-hall rivalry, which establishes a fantastic community and family feel to living in halls. I loved it!"
"As Loughborough is a small town everything is within walking distance. The only difficulty is that the train station is at the opposite end of town to the campus, but there is a frequent bus that runs this route. There is also a large amount of housing available between the university and town which can be ideal in later years when you may want to be equidistant from both."
"The campus is amazing and has everything you need on it: doctors, dentist, hairdressers, shops etc."
"Student housing is decent and fairly priced. Campus has everything you need and a lot of fun in first year."

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