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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"We have different societies to cater for different backgrounds."
"It's mostly sporting individuals or those of a similar background. There are very few northerners in comparison to those from the south."
"I am not sure. There are a lot of foreign students and exchange programmes."
"Not only do we have a welfare representative and team at the union who help support the LGBT community, for example, it's also a support system for those with mental health issues as well as representing every student fairly. There are societies such as the Christian society and other religious societies as well."
"Although our student population is mainly white males, we have societies specifically for ethnic minorities or sub divisions."
"The students' union is the best in the country at actually listening to what the students want and is undoubtedly why Loughborough ranks so highly for student experience in league tables. Loughborough's ethos and values are based around the students and that is how they have built their excellent reputation, rather than many universities who think first about 'their image' rather than how to actually please the students and get the most out of them."
"There is quite a range of people. However, for me personally the amount of people I've met that went to private school was almost a bit intimidating as I attended state school. It would be nice to meet more people that come from a similar background to me."
"We even have welfare and diversity representatives in the union to ensure that diversity is promoted and any related problems are dealt with."
"I feel it has a vast number of faiths and cultures but is a dominantly white university."


"Coming from a diverse background, they do enough. Lots of food options and cultural societies to join."
"There are plenty of overseas students and there are things organised to promote women in STEM. There's a night out each week organised for engaging with international students."
"I think it does, especially in the form of societies such as the Afro-Caribbean society and Hindu society. There are also events held during black history month. There is also an event for international students to showcase their food and culture as well as a range of events held throughout the year."
"Big societies such as the ACS, Nigerian society, and Asian society are always welcome to put on events at the students union that they enjoy."
"We have an 'English as a second language' service at Loughborough, to help international students with the transition to an English university."
"We get students from all over the world, what with our famous facilities and high achieving sports teams. The university and LSU offer societies and even certain blocks in halls specifically dedicated for international students. Or, they can also choose to live with domestic students for a more integrated experience."
"Loughborough caters very well for the very diverse backgrounds of the students. There are many international students. On Thursday night, the union holds a night out specifically for international students, but anyone can go."
"They could do a lot more for international students, such as fixing prices for them instead of increasing their fees regularly. I think they should also allow them to come back earlier than the day before lectures. Some people have long flights and get jet lagged."
"I know the university is affiliated with other universities abroad, such as Singapore University. There is a good exchange programme too so yes, I would say it does attract students from a range of backgrounds. I have personally met other students from all over the UK and from other countries, including Dubai and Spain."
"Huge involvement of all cultures. From day-to-day events to a nightlife that celebrates diversity."

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