Loughborough University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's not a wide variety of shops or things to do in town."
"The uni buses into town were pricey and often unreliable."
"As the university campus is so large, walks between lectures can take about 20 minutes."
"It's more to do with location than the actual uni itself. Though it's near to big cities like Leicester and Nottingham, Loughborough can feel a bit suffocating at times because it's a small place. It's a uni town in the sense that there's no other attractions in Loughborough apart from the uni, so it feels like everyone there is a student."
"The food in the catered halls isn't very good."
"Finding parking on campus can be hard."
"Some staff do not reply to emails and it can be hard to get certain issues resolved, especially outside of term time."
"The uni can be late in releasing exam timetables and there seems to be an apparent change in focus away from the sciences."
"The large research group means it can take a long time to get things done."
"The town centre is small and does not have a wide variety of shops. Bus transport to town is quite expensive too."


"It's small so you get bored quite easily and end up with not a lot to do."
"Every sport is competitive and there are minimal social teams."
"Loughborough town is not the most exciting place, but it's close enough to Nottingham that it doesn't really matter."
"No free printing on campus."
"In quite a small town compared to where I live. Only one library which becomes very full during exam season."
"Loughborough town is grim. Very different university experience to other universities such as Nottingham. The ratio of boys to girls is very uneven."
"The town itself is not the best for culture. However, there is so much on at the university that it doesn't matter. Plus, Leicester and Nottingham are very close."
"Big competitive culture that not everyone likes."
"There aren't many attractions off campus like restaurants or mainstream shops."
"The night life and town are a bit dull compared to other city universities. A lot of money is invested in sport, I would personally like to see more money invested in other areas such as in the science community."

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