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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Lots of sports clubs to choose from, both tied to the university and separate. They are all very reasonable on price. For example, a year of gymnastics membership at Loughborough is the same as a month at my home gymnastics. Plenty of societies to choose from although I have not joined any."
"There are a lot of amazing places around my university like Copper Box gym, which was used in the Olympic and Paralympic games. There's the Aquatic centre for swimming pools, this was the one that was actually used during the Olympic Games. We have nice restaurants, and one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe (Westfield) is just a ten minute walk."
"Loughborough is all about student experience. Our Olympic sports facilities are second to none."
"You have to be really good at sport to get into a sports club. At other unis you can probably get into the sports teams more easily."
"Loads of sports, most of them are open to high levels only though, so it's hard to start a new sport. Really good if you want to improve in a sport you already do though. Loads of societies, which are either free or very cheap to join."
"The social environment is pretty decent. If you live in halls, at least for first year, it's quite easy to meet new people. There are a lot of sports clubs if you have an inclination towards sports. You can take part from a more casual level up to pretty much professional. There's also a wide range of societies which you are encouraged to find out more about during the societies fair at the beginning of the year. There are societies for a wide range of interests, if there isn't already a society that appeals to you, there are resources and training for you to set up and run your own."
"Loughborough has a very elite level of sport so it can be difficult to get onto teams. However, they provide plenty of other opportunities to play sport at a lower (but still high) level, often for free. This does not include the coaching opportunities as well. There is always loads going on socially and every society you could think of."
"Sports clubs, obviously, are a huge part of living at Loughborough. Even though I don't take part in any sport, I am a member of a society and have an amazing time through that. The societies section is thorough and brilliant, and there is genuinely something for everyone. Plus, we have sections such as Action and RAG, which allow us to take part in volunteering and fundraising activities too. Loughborough is the place to be for a social environment!"
"We have over 120 societies and countless Action and RAG projects to get involved in. Being the biggest sporting university, there are always opportunities to get involved in sports at any level, and the whole university has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere."
"Loughborough is very sports oriented, and has an athletic union club for almost every sport. There is also a wide range of societies, all of which are very welcoming. The university halls also partake in Intra Mural Sports (IMS), which affords non-elite athletes the chance to partake in a range of sports competitively. There is never a shortage of things to do around Loughborough University campus."
"Fantastic range of sports clubs and societies to choose from (even things like quidditch for the Harry Potter fans)."

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