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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"A large company that designs aircraft interiors offered a placement opportunity to textiles students and we had a competition with Ted Baker. We have had multiple lectures from students who have been out on placement years that I found more helpful than talking with staff."
"The careers service is really good. There's a whole online platform where you can look for job opportunities exclusive to Loughborough students, book appointments with the careers advisors and get tips for job applications. There are also countless employer events and career fairs on. For example, some big-name employers come to the university to hold workshops and mock assessment centres that are really useful. Also, we do a whole module that prepares us for an actual job so there is a lot of help when it comes to careers."
"We have careers fairs twice a year and loads of employers attend. The careers service is really helpful with interviews and CVs and offers placements that are available to most people."
"Loughborough had the largest careers fair in the UK in 2017 and there were loads of employers to talk to. Students who had just finished their placements in the school of business and economics came and gave us talks representing Unilever, Microsoft, Accenture, Walt Disney and more. Study and placement teaches you a few important skills including Excel, referencing and improving your CV. There's generally a lot of support, which is good because it's very important that universities should improve your capacity to secure the job you want."
"The careers service constantly offers workshops to aid with application skills as well as an internal careers database. My own course even included a 'skills for study and placement' module to help prepare me for my future career. I have completed a finance placement at SAP and have recently gained a graduate placement with a large technology company."
"The careers service has some great free resources but you have to seek them out for yourself."
"The uni has good connections with a lot of companies and employers. This is very helpful for placement opportunities."
"There is an annual graduates' fair that is organised by the university where students meet with prospective employers. A range of world-class organisations attend. The careers service is also very helpful in providing students with careers advice and is ready to answer any questions from the students."


"We have had multiple lectures in a 'professional skills' module. Careers spokespeople have come in to talk about opportunities and what to do. Furthermore, you can opt for regular emails from the careers team who will send job and placement opportunities each week geared towards the course you take."
"The careers service has been a great experience. Massive well done for the team of staff that are responsible. You are presented with different job opportunities on a daily basis. I have met with different employers over the past few months, such as Cisco, BT Sport, FDM, City Insight, and EY to name a few."
"Careers support is really good. They provide individual sessions or group talks on things such as CVs, cover letters, assessment centre practice etc. They're easy to access for any questions you have or practice/support you may need. For example, they helped me to develop my CV's structure and vocabulary through a one-to-one session. There are always some employers on campus. We also have about four or five large fairs per year, which brings in a huge variety of companies."
"Careers services were helpful for me. They run events throughout the year on writing CVs, applying for placements, assessment centres and so on, which I try to attend. I also booked a personal session to have my CV checked, which helped a lot. There are several employers on campus throughout the week, from a wide range of sectors. The majority are finance, banking, retail and engineering, but there are employers from the majority of disciplines. There are a few large career fairs through the year. There is a graduate fair in the autumn and another one in the spring, although those looking for placements can also attend. There is also a career fair for students looking for placements and internships. The fairs host a mixture of large, medium and small companies."
"Careers services provide talks around once a term to inform us about how we can get help and more information. They also helped with placements for those who wanted one. We always have different employers on campus doing presentations. I've also had the chance to take part in practice assessment centres and interviews. Careers fairs are well advertised and often have hundreds of different employers, ranging from government departments, engineering companies such as Rolls Royce, and smaller companies too."
"The career services are incredible. They will help you with your CV and they provide mock interviews and assessment centres with companies. As well as keeping you completely up to date with all the companies on campus and providing many career fairs. My department is also very good at supporting me in finding a placement."
"The careers centre at the university is excellent. I have made use of their CV checking service prior to placement applications and they provided invaluable advice. They also run mock assessment centres and interviews and provide a range of other support services. The careers fair at the university is also excellent with a range of companies well suited to the major degrees run on campus. There is also inter-school support with placement applications, and students are regularly notified when employers are on campus and when job opportunities are advertised."
"Loughborough design school is credited for creating the most employable students that companies seek."
"There are big recruitment fairs during the year. These are mainly focused on academic courses though, rather than creative. There are creative job fairs but they are a lot smaller."
"The placement office has been the most helpful to me. I have had numerous meetings with them about my placement options and receive daily emails informing me of various opportunities. If you ask them to help you, they will do everything they can."

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