London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"LSE is incredibly diverse, with people from all over the world. There are plenty of ethnicity-based societies that put on cultural events and the atmosphere is welcoming to all people regardless of their background."
"Yes. It has one of the most diverse pools of students due to the multitudinous masters degree options it offers."
"Yes, definitely."
"Yes, I think they do since LSE is known for its diversity."
"It's a very international university with lots of scholarship students."
"It totally does. There are people from more than 15 countries in my class of 45."
"Our university needs to do more to attract British minority ethnicities as there is a lack of Afro-Caribbean students who are British on campus. While I appreciate that it's an international university, they could do more for UK students."
"It offers a wide range of services for different nationalities."
"Yes. Different nationalities have their own societies."

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