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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Teachers are very good here."
"The diversity of the student population. Lecturers were often experienced practitioners providing valuable insights into sectors and the employability/careers services were fantastic. The university's links with employers provided excellent opportunities for students to develop (mock interviews arranged through ELBA, CV workshops and more)."
"Good quality teaching as well as well structured and organised modules. There are good student services, excellent laboratories and it's in a good location."
"Staff are very helpful and the modules are interesting."
"The supervisors and their support and advice are great. As a multicultural university, I got to know lots of students from different parts of the world and learned about their cultures."
"Classes were distributed well. Three full day classes per week gave us the chance to study the rest of the days off."
"The teaching standards of the university are really high."

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