Liverpool John Moores University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The support from the faculty is good and they really deliver the course holistically considering the restrictions."
"Being based in the city centre gives us access to both the campus and the city life."
"There's a great social life and always support when you need it."
"The support available to us and tutorials for essays to clarify any problems or questions."
"Great building and always support on offer."
"We have a good students' union and social life. I like the activities and opportunities the university offers."
"Interesting lectures covering a variety of subjects by very good lecturers."
"Really good facilities and student support."
"My course has a good mix of practical modules and theory. The location and facilities are great too."
"There's brilliant staff communication. Accommodation is only a five-minute walk from the uni and there's a good course structure."

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