Liverpool John Moores University

Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are countless bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres, secret raves and secret cinemas. There are also street art courses, two beautiful cathedrals and gorgeous scenery."
"Liverpool has numerous clubs and bars to go to, many offering cheap student deals."
"There are plenty of places to just go for a quiet drink."
"Cinema, shopping, bars, restaurants, tourist activities, cycling, golf, the beach, gyms and museums."
"There's a bit of everything from huge clubs like Level to quirky little bars such as Cava (VERY popular tequila bar). There's also a dry bar at Brink for those who don't drink and a popular LGBT scene!"
"There are always music events and relaxing activities to find."
"Liverpool is a great city, with lots of student-friendly nightlife including mini golf, cinemas, free museums, walks and parks etc."
"Plenty! There are lots of restaurants and bars for all different tastes."
"There are a lot of different student nights as well as casual nights and a lot of pubs and bars. There's a big choice in Liverpool."
"Concert Square has all the free bars and nightclubs so it's always busy and vibrant. Liverpool One has all the big brands and lots of restaurants. The Docks is out the way and has a relaxed atmosphere."

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