Leeds Beckett University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The resources. There's a 24-hour library, good support and focus on student well-being."
"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers."
"The people and the good location."
"It's based in a good city with lots to do. My course also offered a placement year."
"The communication and connections with staff."
"The great teachers who are always available to help and the fab library that's open 24/7/365. Good location and social life."
"Meeting new people, learning new things and getting to use equipment that I would not usually have access to."
"It's a great student city with a good nightlife and plenty of options for part-time and flexible jobs. There's a friendly community with lots of volunteering and CV enhancing opportunities."
"It's in a great location and the course is interesting."
"Getting to be in Leeds itself."

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