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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The department is really supportive. There are loads of events such as plays, musicians etc to go and see at the theatre. It has a beautiful forest trail, the counselling and support services are really good. A lot of effort is put into making everything inclusive and raising awareness about social and environmental issues. The new library is great."
"Community feel. Campus location. High standard of accommodation. The college system gives everything more of a family feel. Brilliant facilities in IT and for my course. Great access to Lancaster centre with bus transport."
"The campus, the new facilities like the library and the chemistry building. The course itself and helpfulness of teaching staff."
"The academic staff are supportive and provide excellent feedback. The college system is a fantastic way of creating a sense of community within the university."
"Living on campus was great for first year; the lecturers are active in their fields and really know what they're talking about; Lancaster is a beautiful city; house prices for moving off campus are quite cheap; buses are really frequent to campus making it very easy to get into town; each subject has a really helpful careers advisor; new library is amazing."
"The fact that it is a campus uni is a huge plus, because living on campus in the first year really brings a sense of 'togetherness' and helps form friendships. As does the collegiate system, people really get behind their colleges with tournaments in everything from rugby to debates!"
"The best thing about my university is the Dual Degree programme that it offers. This is where I can study at home and still have the same standard of education that is provided at the university."
"The Lancaster collegiate system is brilliant as it breaks the university down into smaller colleges that make it feel similar to a tight-knit community. The student support is brilliant, if I ever have any issues that need resolving, I am guaranteed to have it sorted quickly and efficiently which I think is fantastic. While there are not a large amount of clubs to choose from, the nightlife at Lancaster is still a brilliant one, cheap and cheerful!"
"Top 10 university. Lots of academic and personal support. Interesting course."
"Lancaster University is a campus university, and everything can be found within its boundaries. It is a safe environment where, I believe, everything is devoted to study and to bettering the experience of students. There is also a big international community."

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