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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are 2 – 3 decent clubs in Lancaster at most. Otherwise, there's a reasonable number of restaurants, a cinema, and a large number of pubs/bars."
"There are quite a few bars/clubs to go to. There's also a lot of restaurants, a few chain ones but mostly they're independent, which is nice! There isn't an extensive range of shops, but you have all the main ones you could need as well as a big cinema! There are also good transport links to other nearby towns and cities."
"Plenty of clubs, bars and places for food, but only a cinema in terms of diverse entertainment."
"It's okay for Lancaster. Wouldn't rate it in comparison to a big city, but that's not what you would expect."
"There are plenty of pubs and clubs, and even a couple of cocktail bars. Plenty to go to, but can very quickly feel a bit 'been there, done that' and get rather repetitive if you go out a considerable amount, like four or five times a week."
"Lancaster does not have many clubs to offer; the ones it does have are not too bad, with the student union club being the best of the bunch. The town does have many nice bars and pubs to offer which is good if you want to head out for a few drinks but clubbing isn't really what you want."
"Slim pickings when it comes to clubs, but there's a high proportion of quality pubs. Outside of that, there are a lot of lovely areas to walk around."
"A few good nightclubs and lots of bars. Also lots of restaurants. It has two cinemas. Only downside is lack of facilities like bowling, laser tag etc. Luckily Blackpool is just down the road."
"There's only three main clubs, then just loads of pubs. Quite cheap but lacks variety. If you're looking for a big night life, Lancaster isn't the place. Still a laugh if you're with your friends though, I go out often and it's still good."

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