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Location of university
7.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The location is good if you don't mind paying for the bus to get into town. I like how far away from town it is as it makes the university and home feel like separate places. The library is very modern but could have a few more seats with computers. The student accommodation is very good! The gym is ok but there are better ones in town. There is a lot to do on a sunny day in Lancaster, such as visiting Williamson Park."
"There's excellent student accommodation although it is quite expensive. The university campus is on the edge of the city and the location can therefore be inconvenient when getting to lectures if you're living in town. There's a high standard of facilities and a brilliant library but it perhaps struggles to accommodate the capacity of the university during the exam season. There are lots of shops and eateries on campus and the city itself has an abundance of coffee shops, bars and several clubs."
"Lancaster is a small town so not for people looking for large amounts of nightlife. The accommodation varies but the en suite rooms are fantastic! There are several gyms in town if the campus one doesn't take your fancy and, if you prefer something more natural, there are cycle routes everywhere and the Lake District just over half an hour away. It's quiet, peaceful and relaxed but has plenty to offer those looking for fun. Being a one-hour train ride from Manchester doesn't hurt either."
"Lancaster is out in the countryside rather than in the hustle and bustle of the city, which I love. It doesn't have all of the exciting aspects of city life but rather suites a quieter and more relaxing lifestyle."
"The campus is great, especially if you're in accommodation as everything you need is within walking distance including bars, restaurants, takeaways, shops, cash points, a gym, plenty of green outdoor space and an underpass with a bus station that'll take you to town in minutes. The accommodation is modern and accessible with plenty of varieties to suit all budgets and needs. Lancaster city offers a great high street, transport and pubs and clubs. However, for those who really value a nightlife in their uni experience, it may be best to visit the town during an open day as it's much smaller than the typical city. While there's beautiful architecture and lots to do, it's more of a cultural place than a party hotspot."
"The location of the university is close to Lancaster city centre but also in the countryside, so it is the best of both worlds as the university campus is quiet and not very busy. There are regular buses that take you directly into the city centre in about five or ten minutes depending on the traffic. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, student societies, banks and even a weekly market on campus. The accommodation is very secure and fire alarms are in every room, kitchens and bedrooms are very spacious and nicely furnished and the other residents in my hall are very friendly and we get along nicely."
"The campus feels inclusive but isolated as it is surrounded by the main road, but the woodland trail that surrounds campus does give you some barrier. The bus service into town is excellent and very reliable. The facilities on campus for English and theatre are stunning. Student accommodation varies between the colleges but, because of this, it is possible to find exactly what you're looking for. Things to do include spending the day in town, visiting museums and shops, going on walks in the parks and by the lakes and taking a day trip to the sea side."
"The location is a couple of miles out of town, which means that it does not suffer from the issues of being in a city, and Lancaster itself is a lovely place. The campus is a nice place with lots of green space and communal areas (and ducks). The facilities on campus are very good with an expansive library and study areas, though maybe the gym could use a bit of work. The student accommodation is very good and slowly being renovated. However, there is not a huge amount to do during the day but you can mostly find something to do on campus or in Lancaster, even if it is very light on the ground."
"There are lots of things to do on campus. There are nine bars (although some feel more like small pubs), loads of places to eat, cafés, a cinema, a theatre and an art exhibition space. There are lots of events held on campus too. Nearly all of the accommodation is of a really high standard and in a good location on campus. There is also a cinema, a market, museums, the castle and other historical attractions in town."
"The library is well stocked and responsive to requests but there's a lack of space for quiet study, which is a pain when there's constant construction going on. Otherwise it's a nice campus location with a good range of student activities etc."


"The city is small and cosy. It has everything I need, and the public transport is good so it's easy to jump on a train to Manchester if you want to go to a bigger city. The campus is pretty small, but it does still have most of the stuff you need daily. I never need to walk more than 10 minutes from my accommodation to get to a seminar or lecture or anywhere around campus. The facilities are great. We have a big and newly refurbished library, learning zone, loads of bars, pubs and cafes, we have study zone and other study rooms around campus. We also have two grocery shops with convenient opening times and a medical centre, pharmacy, bus station and so on. Everything you need and a lot more. My en suite is very nice. Relatively big and light room with good storage possibilities, a big desk, closet with mirror and shelves. It is very nice having my own bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and mirror. The kitchen is big and open with good storage, two sinks, two hobs, two fridge/freezers and other stuff you need."
"The town is pretty with warm yellow stone. It also has lots of nightclubs if you like that sort of thing, and a beautiful park. Campus felt like home even on the first open day that I visited it. It's surrounded by lovely views across fields to the hills beyond and there are lots of places to walk. Some of the uni's power is provided by its own wind turbine, and you can see how much energy it's generating on the app which is quite interesting. The new library is great, the Learning Zone is useful for group work. Green Lancaster grows food plants all around campus to provide students with herbs and fruits during the right seasons. I was in the more expensive accommodation with en-suites. The rooms were a reasonable size with good storage and the kitchen facilities were plenty for a flat of eight. The cheaper accommodation has shared bathrooms and is less shiny and new, but also has good storage and kitchen facilities. New labs have recently been built for biology. There is a panopto recording system for lectures so that you can re-watch them, synchronised to the PowerPoint. It's very useful if you're ill and have to catch up."
"Lancaster town is ideal for me. There is enough nightlife for it to be fun and exciting, but the city itself is small enough for me not to feel anxious or claustrophobic, like in big cities such as Manchester or London. Lancaster feels very safe."
"Lancaster offers a variety of activities which don't involve spending any money at all. Some of these include visiting Lancaster castle and going to the lovely Williamson Park, where you can chill with friends or walk through the grounds with your sweetheart. Or, if you're willing to travel a bit further, Morecambe beach is only a few miles away and accessible by bus! Paid activities include doing one of the castle's spooky tours, visiting the butterfly house in Williamson Park or going to the Vue cinema in town. There are also some shops in Lancaster. I believe them to be the essentials (Topshop, New Look, Card Factory, Pound Bakery), but they are quite small and so fairly limited. New Look is the biggest clothes shop and always has an amazing sale on."
"The uni is not too far from town as it's easy to get to on a bus. Although, if you need a taxi back to campus on a night out it's very expensive. The accommodation is the best I've seen and the new library is great."
"The town is wonderful! It's relatively small and old for the most part. There are frequent buses to and from town. The campus is quite big and has all the shops and facilities a student would need. My favourite one is the library. It might get a little noisy sometimes, but there are dedicated quiet zones. My accommodation is basic, but my room is larger than I expected. My building is located at the end of the campus near a park, but there are student rooms at the very heart of the campus where all the lecture theatres and seminar rooms are located. I love that there are several computer labs and study rooms as well as plenty of computers in the library."
"I love Lancaster as a city and the buses are really frequent between town and campus, so it's very easy to travel. It's also very close to other big Northern cities by train eg Manchester, Liverpool and it's close to the Lake District. Campus is great for living in first year as it has everything you need: supermarket, places to eat, launderette, post office. Accommodation is really nice but a bit expensive. The new library is brilliantly done."
"The campus is fantastic, it's like its own self-contained village. The only downside is the expense, all of the shops and food outlets are really expensive. All of the educational facilities are brilliant. There's a great choice of different study spaces based on your preference of whether or not you want somewhere where you can work and chat alongside your friends or quiet study spaces where you can go if you need to work alone and concentrate. The newly refurbished library is brilliant, only issue is there are not many desktop computers available and many of the plug sockets at the desks don't work if you need to charge your laptops!"
"Not too far from town centre, short bus ride away which is good – although it isn't the best night life (only three main clubs). The campus and facilities are really nice. The townhouses (which I stayed in) were particularly nice accommodation and very sociable."
"The location is far away from the town, which isn't ideal but travel to and from is cheap. The campus facilities are all very good and up to date, especially the library and learning zone. My accommodation (superior en-suite in Alexandra Park) is really nice and well kept. Some parts of campus (the spine) look a bit messy."

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