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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"It does fairly well as it has trips in place to help those from socially and economically disadvantaged positions as well as ethnic minorities. This is particularly true in the careers department."
"There are a lot of international students in Lancaster thanks to the range of exchange programmes and English language courses taught at the university."
"Given the high diversity of the student body, I think the university does plenty to attract people from different backgrounds and international students. This includes things such as awarding grants, giving support and giving language support etc."
"The university offers many exchange programmes so there are exchange students from all around the world on campus. It also attracts thousands of international students from every continent. Societies and activities are dedicated to celebrating diversity and different cultures, allowing both local people and international people to learn about and have fun with different cultures. The university also offers grants and other support to ensure that people from different income backgrounds from within the country can attend Lancaster. There's also lots of disability support, which encourages people with disabilities to attend."
"There are plenty of bursaries on offer to allow people from all backgrounds to attend university. Walking around campus feels fairly representative, although I'm not in the target audience for this area so a lot of it has passed me by."
"There are a large number of international students and therefore a bunch of different societies for different countries and ethnicities."
"The uni has links with many other universities across the world and participates in the Erasmus scheme so there are always people from many different countries on campus. Also, the uni is accessible to people from a range of economic backgrounds and there are financial bursaries to help with living costs."
"Yes, I think so, as it offers bursaries for those who haven't come from well off backgrounds and it is extremely welcoming to foreign students."


"Depending on the course, the number of international students can vary greatly. The university puts on lots of events for international students and has college officers in charge of their welfare, etc. The LGBT+ society is very visible and the uni seems generally pretty accepting. I don't know what they do to help students from poorer backgrounds specifically, though I think there are some scholarships etc available. The disability service is very helpful and even without a DSA will put measures in place if you have a disability of some sort, such as a note that those with aspergers may need slightly more flexible deadlines."
"I wasn't previously aware of it but I am going to be working this summer to help run an outreach programme for potential applicants from under-represented backgrounds. I think the uni does do enough."
"Definitely! There are loads of societies for students from many different backgrounds. A friend of mine has recently started up a society for international students at Lancaster, which has become very popular. She is currently trying to get some ethnically diverse food to be offered in the Spar, having already asked everyone on the society's facebook page what they would like. During freshers, the university also makes sure to offer alternative social events for students who don't want to drink or go out. Such as movie nights, treasure hunts, or Ceilidh dances (Cartmel hosted one in my freshers), which have been very successful!"
"The uni has many partnerships with universities across the world meaning that students have a wide variety of options when it comes to studying abroad, the uni also attracts a lot of international students from across Europe and the world. The university also offers a lot of scholarships and bursaries to help students out financially!"
"Many different ethnicities, religions and other groups. All well represented through societies such as Chinese Society and Afro-Caribbean society. Lots of support on offer, and a diverse range of socials on offer to allow people to mingle."
"The university offers numerous societies that include all diverse backgrounds but welcome everyone to understand other cultures. As well as each college having a team for international student aid to ensure students feel welcome and cater to any issues."
"One thing I love about my university is that it encourages diversity. This has never made me feel excluded or unwanted! In fact I have made many friends from all over the world and have had the chance to meet lots of people that come from the same country as myself."
"Yes, it attracts people from all over the world and both the teachers and the other students are really nice and helpful with foreigners. As an international myself, I have never felt 'different' while being a student at Lancaster University."
"Loads of international students from Europe, America and especially Asia. As far as I know the facilities for disabled students are good. They offer various scholarships/bursaries and incentives for students from more disadvantaged backgrounds."
"Offers workshops for people to improve language proficiency. Porters around campus to help and fresher reps. The university caters well to international students' needs."

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