Lancaster University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Lancaster is far away from places that have live music that I want to see. Manchester is accessible yet the only way to get home after a gig in time for lectures the next day is to get a megabus at 1.30 am!"
"Living in town in second year – it's a great experience, but the journey to university every day is a bit of a trek."
"Not that many geology modules. Parking on campus is difficult/requires a permit. There's not a healthy eating outlet on campus."
"The actual city of Lancaster isn't very big so there isn't that much to do outside of university. There are still a few good places to eat/drink/go out though."
"The off campus accommodation is more expensive and it costs a lot of money for the bus to get to campus."
"Location is quite awkward, especially with train travel across the Pennines."
"The collegiate system may bring you closer to the people in your college, but I do feel at times it restricts the amount of people you actually socialise with. There are major advantages and disadvantages to the collegiate system."
"Library gets packed really quickly, could do with more seats in the library and an area where off-campus students could eat perhaps."
"Not a massive nightlife. Library's always packed, massive struggle to find a seat during exam season."
"As my lectures are not recorded it can be challenging to keep up if I'm ill."

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